About KimAlyse

KimAlyse Popkave is an educator.  That is not just what she

Professor KimAlyse Popkave
Professor KimAlyse Popkave

does, that is how she defines herself.  With a Master of Education Degree in Speech Communication & Theatre Arts, KimAlyse is an accomplished leader with more than 30 years experience as a professor, developing and implementing courses customized to reach specific objectives.  Her specialties include strategic communication, strategic leadership, and student success.  She has taught in a variety of academic settings, from elementary level to university courses at Penn State University and various Community Colleges, as well as in corrections education for both the Federal Correction system and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

As an educator, KimAlyse has nearly 30 years experience in business, as well.  Earning her designation as a Certified MasterStream® Instructor, from the Tension Management Institute in 2002, enabled KimAlyse to develop programs for and work with businesses to help increase their bottom line and achieve their positive outcomes.

As a coach, consultant, trainer, author, & speaker, KimAlyse is dedicated to a clear mission: to help others to be successful. In addition to serving in these roles, KimAlyse has held the position of Director of Learning & Communication for B.O.U.N.C.E. of Central Pennsylvania, and currently holds the position of Strategic Learning Technologist for the Shinshuri Foundation.