Welcome to Positive Outcomes University, where you’ll learn Strategic Thinking to create your POPKAVE_THOUGHTFUL_RIGHT VIEWSUCCESS!  I am KimAlyse Popkave, your Positive Outcomes Professor.  I am an educator. That is not just what I do; that’s how I define myself.  I have spent my lifetime in the field of education, both as a student and as a professional educator.

For more than 30 years, I have been educating diverse audiences to be more successful, through attention to strategic thinking in education, communication, & leadership.

At Positive Outcomes University, students travel along two curriculum paths to success.  Each Path is designed for students, both academic & business, to learn to think, speak, and act strategically to achieve their goals and create their Positive Outcomes, their SUCCESS.  These two paths are:  STUDENT SUCCESS SOLUTIONS & BUSINESS SUCCESS SOLUTIONS.  Details of these curriculum paths are in our Positive Outcomes University Store.  Please feel free to browse and to register for our courses.  Don’t forget, you can always email or call with questions, or for more information.

To your Positive Outcomes!  Have a very successful day.